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Bespoke Software

Looking for customised software solutions?

We can create bespoke systems designed just for your business needs.

A bespoke software solution will help futureproof your business, increase productivity and gain an advantage over the competition.

Although many are similar, we know that no two businesses are truly the same so we believe a 'one size fits all' software solution won't always cater fully to a company's needs. We aim to work with you to produce software that fits your business and not the other way round.

We deliver web-based software product design and implementation for a number of customers, based on their own innovative concepts.

Our expertise in web-based system design makes us a reliable partner for design, development, implementation and maintenance of robust applications which can be used or sold on and licensed with absolute peace of mind.

Many businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on smart phones and other mobile devices to streamline their operations, project management and staff productivity, particularly where their workforce spend a considerable amount of their time working remotely.

We have the expertise and experience to develop innovative and practical customised mobile web-based business applications, frequently integrated with other web-based administration applications used to monitor and manage mobile workers.

As one of a very few, we also design and develop bespoke Real-Time Production Monitoring and Reporting Systems for food manufacturing and industry companies. We have designed a bespoke Production Monitoring System for one of the biggest food manufacturers, based in Melton Mowbray. See case study.

The NETborg Technologies Experience

Choosing a bespoke software solution is a rewarding experience, built around a close business relationship.
Read through the steps we take to make sure your software is built exactly to your specification.

Bespoke Software Experience

1. Requirements

After recieving your initial requirements for your new software, we expand further by conducting interviews with all stakeholders of the new system. From these we create a list of use cases; a simple step-by-step description of how a user will use the software in certain scenarios.

These use cases require no technical knowledge to understand, and effectively list everything that the new system is expected to do.

2. Design

After signing off your Use Cases, we then send them to our designers to create screen designs of each step. These designs will show you how the system will look while being used according to the Use Cases.

By this point in the process, you should have a full understanding of what the scope of the project is and what you will be getting upon delivery.

3. Development

If you are happy with our designs, we dive into the developmet of your system. We begin with creating a technical design, made up of the use cases, screen designs, sequence designs and database diagrams. This is passed to our developers to create your system.

During the development process, you will be updated weekly on the project's progess, along with any recommendations or questions raised during development.

4. Testing

Once intial development is complete, we start testing your new system. This is initially carried out by our developers (called unit testing) and then secondly by our dedicated testing team. Once our tests are complete, we then install the application on your servers for 'User Acceptance Testing'. this gives you the opportunity to use the application and ensure all your requirements are met.

The application should be created exactly to your specifications, but if any issues are found during this period they are quickly corrected.

5. Deployment

When you are happy with the application we release it to your production environment. From here we offer a subscription for service and maintenance, or you can choose to use our services on an ad hoc basis. If an error is found that we can agree violates the requirments we will fix this free of charge.